32feet.NET on .NET 5.0 and Above

Version 4.0.22 of InTheHand.BluetoothLE (and 4.0.25 of InTheHand.Net.Bluetooth for Rfcomm) marks an important milestone. It adds a .NET 5.0 specific build which is important because the approach used to access WinRT APIs has changed since .NET Core 3.x and so the library was not compatible with later versions. Now it will run on Windows 10 on .NET 5.0 and 6.0.

This release also adds some new functionality which goes beyond the WebBluetooth API on which it is based. You can now read the negotiated MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) for the current connection. Importantly it also requests a higher than default value on Android. The reasoning behind this is that generally platforms use a value in the region of 512 bytes but Android starts with a default value of 20 bytes. Prior to this update you had to write platform specific code to change it, but now we request 512 bytes on connection and whatever value is negotiated (it may still be lower than this depending on the radio device and remote peripheral) is readable from the Mtu property.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP