Share Your Busy Status

Occupied provides a single point to manage your free/busy status. It automatically includes your mobile phone, video conferencing and PC activity into the Microsoft Teams (and wider Microsoft 365) ecosystem.
When you’re active on your mobile phone your Teams status is updated to show you are unavailable to join a meeting or respond immediately to chat messages.
When using video conferencing or voice calling via other Teams tenants or third-party apps such as Zoom, Skype or Webex your Teams status is updated giving a truer picture of your availability.

On Windows 11 22H2 and above, Occupied will also reflect your Focus Sessions in your Teams status so that others know not to disturb you when you are busy concentrating.

This app sits in your system tray and handles all this automatically for you. You can easy override the status with a simple toggle. You benefit from control over your own focus needs, while also sharing this with your team and organisation so everyone can respect each other’s working styles and avoid interruptions.

The app works with mobile phones connected through either Microsoft Phone Link or our Thy Phone app. Any version of Microsoft Teams for work is supported. Conferencing awareness supports Teams (Work and Personal), Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Edge and Webex. Focus Sessions support requires Windows 11 22H2 or later.