Thy Phone

Use your (non-Android) phone from your PC.

Start a call using the dial pad, or via a tel: hyperlink from another app.

Use any phone from your PC.

Microsoft’s Phone Link (previously Your Phone) app integrates your Android phone into Windows. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the same with your iPhone, Windows Phone or classic Nokia handset? Thy Phone provides many of the same functions using standard Bluetooth functionality built into most mobile phones from the last 20 years. The app is supported on Windows 10 (version 2004 and later).

Make and receive calls from your desktop

Once you’ve paired your phone and selected it from the app you can make calls via number entry or via a tel: hyperlink from another app or webpage. Incoming calls pop up in your notifications and audio is routed through your speakers or headphones. Call status is always visible on screen and you can easily end a call in progress.

Share your phone audio

From the Audio tab toggle your phone audio through your PC. Play your favourite podcast or music apps through your speakers or headphones.

Apple Notifications

Notification banners from your iPhone are replicated in the Windows notification center. Supports actionable notifications too with custom buttons in the notification toasts.

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