A flexible bridge to the Universal Windows Platform

Project Description

The libraries were originally created to add ready-made Search, Share and Settings functionality and more to Windows Phone and Windows Embedded Handheld. The project was previously known as “Charming Apps”. Since then we’ve extended our reach across all the Windows platforms and onto Xamarin iOS and Android. The goal is to make Microsoft’s “Universal Apps” much more universal adding missing APIs to provide a more consistent developer experience on all platforms. Share more code across platforms and provide a migration route to UWP.


These APIs currently support Windows Phone and Windows Embedded Handheld 8.0 and 8.1, Windows 8.1, Xamarin iOS and Xamarin Android, Windows Vista and later and of course Windows 10. You will need Visual Studio 2015 and the required platform SDKs. These libraries make use of the Windows Phone Toolkit on Windows Phone 8.0 in order to support features such as page transitions. These libraries are supported for C# and VB.NET development only and cannot be used from native C++ apps/games.


The API is packaged into a single DLL. Where functionality overlaps with WinRT/UWP types are mapped automatically to the native implementation. The latest release is available through NuGet. As a PCL version is included you can call these APIs from a shared PCL and in deployment it will be replaced with the correct target version. Full API documentation is available here.


The latest version is available on NuGet.


The Pontoon project is hosted on GitHub.


If you are so inclined you may like to donate to the project.

In The Hand

The Pontoon APIs were designed and developed by In The Hand Ltd. They have been made available to improve code-sharing opportunities between platforms and also to provide a ready-made framework for common app tasks such as Search, Sharing and Settings following the UWP model.