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Bluetooth and Windows 11

It’s still early days for Windows 11 but pre-release API documentation is available on Microsoft Docs and it gives some hints of new functionality for developers:-

BluetoothLEDevice gains functionality to request preferred connection parameters. These include minimum and maximum connection interval, latency and link timeout. If these seem a bit complex to set individually there are three static properties which give you a choice of optimizing for throughput, power consumption or a balance in the middle. It also has the ability to query the Bluetooth PHY (physical layer) used which (if both devices support Bluetooth 5.0) can be either Coded (smaller data but longer range), 2M (larger data) or 1M (same as Bluetooth 4.x). It doesn’t currently seem to support requesting a preferred PHY.

I’m looking at how these can be incorporated into 32feet.NET given that there is currently support for PHY on Android only.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP