Synchronising Amazon Alexa and Microsoft To Do

Tasks In The Hand in the Alexa Skills Store
Tasks In The Hand in the Alexa Skills Store

I created a free skill for Amazon Alexa which synchronises the built-in Shopping and To-do lists with Microsoft To Do to allow you to work with the lists across platforms.

The skill is implemented using Microsoft Azure Functions using the Alexa.NET library. It integrates with the Microsoft Graph API to provide real-time 2-way synchronisation with Alexa. The Alexa skill is implemented so that it doesn’t require any special commands of its own – you just interact with the lists directly and the synchronisation is handled automatically.

The skill supports all of the supported languages used by Alexa so it is available worldwide. It supports thousands of concurrent users.

This project has provided me with both a feature I use daily with Alexa, but also years of experience with the Alexa Skills Kit and related ecosystem.


  • Alexa Skills Kit
  • Azure Functions
  • Microsoft Graph API
  • C#
  • Alexa.NET