App for a Diagnostic Medical Device

Guiding the user through a diagnostic process.

Image of NIOX VERO device. Copyright NIOX Group PLC


Project Duration
3 Years

The client had an existing medical device which performs highly sensitive analysis of exhaled breath in order to diagnose asthma and related conditions. The device had an API to control and provide status via either Bluetooth or USB. The brief was to build a Xamarin Forms application across multiple platforms and devices to provide an easy to operate user interface while providing live updates from the device during the diagnostic process.

The app allowed the user to alter settings on the device, begin a measurement and used a selection of animations to instruct and provide live feedback on the process. The app also incorporated a chart control to provide detailed output from the session and export to PDF.

The app was designed for clinic use with a clear UI usable across languages and cultures. Later the project incorporated functionality for direct use by patients in a home setting. This required support for a wider variety of devices and displays.