Update to 32feet.NET for Windows Phone

Version 8.1 of 32feet.NET for Windows Phone is now available via NuGet. This package adds some helper functionality for Bluetooth development. In particular this version includes the RfCommServiceId (designed to match the Windows 8.1 API) to provide information about various standard RfComm profiles. You can use this when connecting a StreamSocket or to filter devices […]

32feet.NET for Windows Phone

With the recent announcement of Windows Embedded Handheld 8 it seems fitting to discuss something related to industrial and line-of-business applications which you can develop now on the Windows Phone platform. I’ve released the first drop of 32feet.NET for Windows Phone 8 to our CodePlex site and NuGet. Because the programming model on Windows Phone […]

32feet.NET User Guide now live on CodePlex

Today has been spent catching up on my To-Do list, though it still doesn’t look that way! I have however been able to make some progress with 32feet. Alongside the class library documentation for the project there is a User Guide which provides an overview of the functionality and some example code snippets. Alan McFarlane […]

Disable StoneStreet One Bluetooth Stack on Motorola Devices

Christian Helle has posted a registry setting on his blog which can be used to toggle the StoneStreet One Bluetooth stack off on Motorola (nee Symbol) rugged handheld devices. Their newer devices (ES400 and MC65) use the Microsoft stack by default. http://christian-helle.blogspot.com/2010/10/motorola-dual-bluetooth-stack-support.html Once you’ve made this change and soft-reset the device you can use the […]

Bluetooth changes in Windows 7

Since Bluetooth APIs were introduced into Windows (we are talking about the desktop OS here, not Windows CE / Windows Mobile / Windows Phone) there have been numerous updates and changes. Confusingly not all of these have been in Major updates or service packs but some changes are implemented in OEM only packages. We have […]

Personal Area Networking in the Delphi Magazine

John Penman has written an article in the March edition of Delphi Magazine entitled “Simple Wireless Networking with Delphi for .NET” which describes using the 32feet.NET library from Delphi code. It walks the user through each of the areas of functionality in the library: IrDA, Bluetooth and Object Exchange. Its written for the v1.6 version, […]

32feet.NET v2.1 Released

Yesterday I released the latest update to the personal area networking library to the 32feet.NET site. This release focussed on bug fixes and improved compatibility and error handling. This release supports device discovery on the latest WM5.0 AKU3 devices and beyond where the registry layout has undergone a few undocumented changes. You can view the full […]