APPA Mundi Tasks–Your Exchange Server

Below are some hints for setting up the Tasks application to synchronise with your Exchange Server:-


Exchange Server Settings

We have no way to use your settings already entered when setting up your Exchange Email account so it is necessary to enter these again. In order to setup synchronisation you’ll need your Username, Password, Domain (optional) and Server name. You’ll also need to know whether your server synchs over HTTPS (usually it does). Because Exchange Email supports an auto discovery process you rarely have to enter these full settings when setting up your email. Because also there can be a redirection process the actual server name can differ from what you first enter based on your Outlook Web Access address. The easiest way to get direct to the required settings is to look at the settings for your Exchange email account once it has been fully setup on the phone.

1. From the Start screen tap the –> to go to the programs list

2. Select “Settings”

3. Select “email & accounts”

4. Select your Exchange account e.g. “Outlook”

5. Scroll down and take note of your settings

6. If your login uses a domain it will be of the form “domainusername”

7. Make a note of the Server value – this is the address to the ActiveSync server

8. Note the value of the “Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection” box


Exchange Server Version

It is possible to determine the version of the Exchange Server you synchronise with by logging into your Outlook Web Access site and going to the Options page. In the list of Options screens you’ll see a version number e.g. 8.3. 8 represents Exchange 2007 with the .3 indicating the Service Pack 3 release. Exchange 2010 is version 14. The app supports Exchange 2007 and later.



Although Gmail can be used as an ActiveSync server and the web interface exposes a Tasks list this is not exposed through ActiveSync so if you try to use this account and synchronise you’ll receive an error that the mailbox contains no Tasks folder.


Hotmail Tasks

Hotmail Tasks are not supported.

By Peter Freeman Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP