32feet.NET User Guide now live on CodePlex

Today has been spent catching up on my To-Do list, though it still doesn’t look that way! I have however been able to make some progress with 32feet.

Alongside the class library documentation for the project there is a User Guide which provides an overview of the functionality and some example code snippets. Alan McFarlane created the documentation and it is an excellent starting point and Alan has continued to keep it up to date throughout each version of the library (currently up to 3.0 Beta). Up until now this has been distributed as a Word document with the install package but I have for some time been trying to integrate it into the Help file for the library. The help file is created with Sandcastle Help File Builder which supports adding in static content, but you have to provide the pages in Microsoft’s proprietary MAML format and I was never able to get the layout and appearance to look right and manually copying and pasting bits of documents was tedious. As a compromise I instead investigated the Documentation support on CodePlex. Each project hub is a Wiki and the mark-up required makes it very simple to put together the right structure and hyperlink between topics. Because all of the content is now part of the project Wiki it is also searchable – Type “Broadcom” into the search box and you can get straight to the relevant topics.

You can browse the User Guide at (now at GitHub)

I also recommend you follow Alan’s 32feet.NET blog where he has posted some of the excellent work he has been doing to add support for further Bluetooth stacks to the project.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP