Microsoft Band Initial Thoughts

I received my Band today and have just started setting it up, loading in my Starbucks card and tweaking settings. One thing which is interesting is that the phone doesn’t use GATT Bluetooth LE to expose functionality unlike some other wearables. Instead it has three RfComm services named:- Cargo Service Cargo Service 2 Push Service […]

Tasks v1.19

The latest update to Tasks is now available in the Marketplace. This release continues the improvements to the sync experience by providing more resilience in situations where the network drops out during a sync. It also improves the reminders feature in Windows 7.5 and improves the display of reminders for tasks with very long titles. […]

Developer Unlock Expiry

When you’ve developer unlocked your Windows Phone you can merrily deploy and debug on it and everything is great. If you’ve upgraded to Mango you had to run the Unlock tool again but this is fairly painless. What is not obvious is that the developer unlock has a 12 month expiry from when you first […]

Working with Marketplace Exported Reports

When Microsoft refreshed the Windows Phone developer portal in advance of the Mango refresh they added various improvements to reporting, an important one being export to file (XLSX). When you open the exported payout detail reports in Excel and enable editing you’ll see a number of warnings against a couple of columns. This is because […]

APPA Mundi Tasks 1.9

The latest version of our Tasks app has now hit Marketplace. This release builds on the improvements from my last blog post:- We now have fixed an issue some users were encountering with synchronising Hotmail tasks in v1.8 We now support a wider range of Exchange Server 2003 mailboxes including those with non-standard security policies […]