APPA Mundi Tasks 1.0 – Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve received a lot of great feedback for the Tasks application so I thought it would be useful to provide some frequently asked questions (and answers) here:-

How secure are my credentials, do you send them to your own server?

Your credentials are only used to communicate with your Exchange Server directly using the Exchange ActiveSync protocol just like your Email and Calendar applications. We don’t use any proxy servers or other mechanisms.

How do I know exactly what settings to enter?

You can look at the settings associated with your Outlook email account and enter them as they are displayed there. See this previous post for details:-

I’ve entered my settings the same as for my Email client, I can sync email but Tasks will not sync.

This will happen if your server uses a version prior to Exchange 2007. We don’t support servers older than Exchange 2007 due to the way the protocol is licensed. In our forthcoming v1.1 update we have added a specific error message to make this clearer if an older version is detected.

I used the trial successfully and purchased the full version and it only shows the small number of tasks I had with the trial and says synchronisation complete if I try and sync

When you upgrade the app should force a refresh of the sync relationship which will bring back the entire collection from the server. If this doesn’t happen you can manually force a refresh by tapping the Reset button on the Settings page

I used the full version and synchronised successfully and exited the app, now it won’t load again

We’ve seen this happen in a few cases and have prepared a v1.1 update to resolve this which will be available shortly.

I use a Vodafone Germany LG Optimus device set to English, the app shows as “Aufgaben” in the programs list

This appears to be a quirk with the specific device. The application itself runs in the correct language but the application name will show in German. For other languages on the same device (French, Spanish and Italian) the application name will appear as expected.

Sometimes I make changes to Tasks (e.g. Completed) or changes occur on synchronisation but the Active and Completed lists don’t update

This is a known issue and is resolved in the v1.1 release which should be available in Marketplace shortly

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP