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Making the SDK Documentation more discoverable

I like John Kennedy‘s proposed SDK TOC for Windows Mobile. And since the sample contains valid links, I was surpised at the amount of content I found which I’d not been able to locate before 🙂

While there will always be cases when organising content like this you could end up in heated debates about whether article x belongs in category y or z, I believe it’s a definate improvement and gives better visibility of the scope and content of the SDK documentation. I particularly like the fact that Whats New is the first category with itemised details for each update – the SDK documentation has already received two batches of updates.

Update: I’ve realised there isn’t any Telephony content on this contents page. It would be good to have an entry for Telephony (which is an important part of most Windows Mobile devices) and it should link through to TAPI, Phone, SMS and SIM topics.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP

2 replies on “Making the SDK Documentation more discoverable”

Hey Peter,

Thanks for your comments. Yeah, categorizing is real artform, I won’t debate that point. And yes, I’m missing Telephony – oops!

How about this – a unique page for, say, 10 different project types. Working on a game, use the Game Index, working on a Database application, use the Data Index.

Or is this overkill? 🙂

That might make life more complicated, especially when you start blurring the lines between a productivity app and an entertainment app – what if you had a Direct3D rendered calendar (just for an exaggerated example).
However a "Data" section would be a valuable addition, to include both native code eDB and OLEDB references and managed System.Data and SQL Mobile. The "Multimedia and Games" heading is a good grouping.

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