Service Packs and Fixes

In order to determine all the known issues with .NETCF v1.0 and which Service Pack contained the fix, you would need to look through the fix list for each of the Service Packs in turn. For ease of reference I copied the three fix lists from SP1,2 and 3 and categorised them into the following table. The “o”s indicated in which service pack the issued was resolved. Below it is a table showing which version is preinstalled on the various Windows Mobile devices which have had .NETCF in ROM.

Improved code cache performance and memory utilization on ARM processors   o o o
Parsing of Numeric values is not working correctly on some locales (specially affects VB scenarios)   o o o
App would not launch properly if it were already running and showing MessageBox when the user navigated out to Home   o o o
Improved resource loading performance     o o
Minor GUI performance improvements     o o
Added support for new Smartphone languages: Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Slovakian, Norwegian, Hungarian, Polish, Turkish, Russian     o o
Transitions between managed and native code can cause memory leaks on ARM platforms       o
Stack corruption can occur on ARM platforms when local variables are created but never used       o
Invoking a multicast delegate from a catch handler throws a MissingMethodException on ARM platforms       o
Command line arguments containing double byte characters are truncated to a single byte.       o
Memory corruption can occur on devices that have the native security model enabled and both .NET CF V1 SP3 and a pre-release version of .NET CF V2 installed.       o
Deadlocks can occur when running under severe resource constraints.       o
Data Misalignment occurs on Decimal fields in MIPSIV devices.       o
InputPanel: EnabledChanged Event fires inspite of setting the enabled property to the same value.     o o
InputPanel: Setting the InputPanel.Enabled property when the form is closing throws an exception     o o
Double: conversion of 0.0F to a string and results in a memory leak     o o
String: Native exception while calling String.Intern()   o o o
Type: System.Type.GetType(string) fails to load types that reside on external assemblies if those assemblies are not already loaded   o o o
DataRowCollection.Find Method Returning Incorrect Row   o o o
DataRowCollection.Find() method throws wrong exception     o o
DataSet: Improved performance of many data tasks, including populating DataSets, searching DataTables, DataSet.ReadXml() method when a schema is used, finding and indexing operations, setting DataSet.EnableConstraints property “>DataSet: Improved performance of many data tasks, including populating DataSets, searching DataTables, DataSet.ReadXml() method when a schema is used, finding and indexing operations, setting DataSet.EnableConstraints property      o o
DataSet: Data is missing or loaded incorrectly by DataSet.ReadXml() in some cases.       o
Fixed crash when SQLClient or SQLServerCe is installed     o o
BinaryReader: BinaryReader.ReadBytes() returns less bytes than asked   o o o
Improved network media sense / connection management experience   o o o
HttpClient: Authentication state handling errors in http client   o o o
HttpClient: Http client not using credentials from supplied proxy object   o o o
HttpWebRequest: Fixed erroneous parsing of HttpWebRequest response stream     o o
Socket: Force tear down of sockets after dialup disconnect   o o o
Socket: An uncatchable ObjectDisposedException is thrown when the server closes the socket connection.       o
IrDAClient.DiscoverDevices device names garbled     o o
Web services: Compatibility issues   o o o
Web services: Problem receiving empty arrays mixed with other data   o o o
Web services: InvalidOperationException when polymorphic type is returned and in the same namespace as the service   o o o
Web services: Not correctly handling the default values that VB creates for enums when using the DefaultValue attribute   o o o
Web services: After repeatedly canceling asynchronous web request, all web service calls fail     o o
Web services: An XmlException is thrown when deserializing a qualified name that has no prefix and there is no default namespace defined     o o
Web services: Incorrect handling of null headers in SOAP messa     o o
Web services: A NullReferenceException is thrown when a Web Method returns an empty array using the xsi:Nil attribute       o
Web services: Modifying the SoapClientMessage.ContentType property does not modify the Http requests ContentType header.       o
Web services: An ObjectDisposedException is thrown when a asynchronous web request is aborted before the response is received.       o
Web services: Any array containing one or more elements is not sent to the Web Service correctly.       o
Web services: An application may hang when invoking a Web Method that uses multiple XmlElementAttributes on a single argument, member or property.       o
WebRequest.Proxy doesn’t allow spaces in the URL   o o o
Memory leak in the NumericUpDown, DomainUpDown, ComboBox and TextBox controls     o o
The Focus method does not work correctly for the NumericUpDown and DomainUpDown controls     o o
Auto scroll – scrollbars aren’t removed until control is inside bounds of scrollbars   o o o
Auto scroll – with control sitting bottom left, should get both scrollbars when control moved over right edge   o o o
ContextMenu: Support raising context menus from assigned hardware key, Pocket PC     o o
ContextMenu: Fixed TreeView issues on Pocket PC 2003     o o
ContextMenu: Fixed side effects on controls like Scrollbar and Label     o o
ContextMenu: erroneous functionality when bound to ListBox     o o
ContextMenu: Showing a context menu on Pocket PC for a textbox unselects the selected text in the textbox     o o
ContextMenu: Empty ContextMenu on Pocket PC should not pop up     o o
Control: Added support for ForeColor &/or BackColor for Button, Checkbox, ComboBox, DomainUpDown, Label, Listbox, ListView, NumericUpDown, RadioButton, Trackbar, TreeView     o o
Control: If a focused control property is changed while the application is in the background it loses its focus   o o o
Control: Don’t get GotFocus Event for first control in form   o o o
Control: Focus should move to the next control when the current control with the focus gets disabled   o o o
Control: Extend keyboard events to be enabled on all controls (Control.KeyUp, KeyDown, KeyPress)     o o
Control: Improved Control.Enabled and Control.Parent property changing performance     o o
Control: Native Exception occurs when using the get accessor for Control.Capture     o o
Control: Invoke on a disposed control hangs the application.       o
Form: ControlCollection Memory leak   o o o
Form: Improved performance of Controls property   o o o
Form: Tab support for Pocket PC based on Z-Order     o o
Form: does not get the focus when all controls are removed from the form     o o
Form: Navigation bar flickers when new form is being loaded     o o
Form: ObjectDisposedException occurs when DataBinding a control to a form shown via Show()     o o
Form: OK button eventually goes away when re-using recycled form for ShowDialog(     o o
Form: Scrollbars should go away when app 100% client sized control is returned back to 100% inside client area   o o o
ImageList: Unexpected exception while adding an image to an imagelist on an Hx4700 and hx4705       o
ListView control allows setting the text alignment of its first column to HorizontalAlignment.Center and HorizontalAlignment.Right   o o o
ListView: The Text property of a ListView column is reset to “” when removing the column from the ListView and then adding it back.     o o
ListViewItem.Checked property always returns false if the CheckBoxes property of the listview control is set to false   o o o
MainMenu: Support menu hotkeys on Pocket PC     o o
MainMenu: InputPanel Button disappears from MainMenu on Pocket PC 2002     o o
MainMenu: SIP button does not go away when the toolbar control is removed from a form that does not have a menu     o o
ProgressBar: Setting the Minimum and Maximum properties of a progressbar no longer crashes the application.       o
RadioButton: Native exception thrown while setting the Checked property to false   o o o
ScrollableControl: thumb in wrong position after setting AutoScrollPosition   o o o
ScrollableControl: throws not supported exception setting AutoScroll=false   o o o
TextBox: Application terminates with a first-chance exception in gwes.exe when typing quickly in a textbox   o o o
ToolBar: Tool Bar’s on Windows Mobile 2003 SE no longer lose their images when removed from the form.       o
XmlQualifiedName objects are corrupted if the namespace of the data is the same as that of the service   o o o
XmlTextReader performance improvements     o o
Pocket PC 2003 o r r r
Smartphone 2003   o    
Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition     o r
Smartphone 2003 Second Edition     o  
Windows Mobile v5.0 Pocket PC       o
Windows Mobile v5.0 Smartphone       o
r = Available via RAM install        

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP