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Making the SDK Documentation more discoverable

I like John Kennedy‘s proposed SDK TOC for Windows Mobile. And since the sample contains valid links, I was surpised at the amount of content I found which I’d not been able to locate before 🙂

While there will always be cases when organising content like this you could end up in heated debates about whether article x belongs in category y or z, I believe it’s a definate improvement and gives better visibility of the scope and content of the SDK documentation. I particularly like the fact that Whats New is the first category with itemised details for each update – the SDK documentation has already received two batches of updates.

Update: I’ve realised there isn’t any Telephony content on this contents page. It would be good to have an entry for Telephony (which is an important part of most Windows Mobile devices) and it should link through to TAPI, Phone, SMS and SIM topics.


Hosting a Native Windows Control – Live on MSDN

My latest .NETCF article is now live in the MSDN library. This is an update of the control hosting article previously published here at The process has been simplified so that there is now a standard base class (ControlEx) which does most of the hard work for you, the process of hosting a control is therefore much closer to the desktop experience. The article contains a sample using the WebBrowser control, which shows not only setting properties and calling methods for the control, but also reacting to notifications from the native control.


Upcoming .NET Compact Framework Chat: 13th May 2004

Coming up tomorrow, the latest MSDN web chat with the .NETCF and Visual Studio for Devices team. Below are the details from MSDN:-


Smart Device Programming with Visual Studio .NET 2003
So what’s that ‘Smart Device Application’ project type is all about? Please join the members of the .NET Compact Framework and Visual Studio product groups in this live chat regarding the .NET Compact Framework and the Smart Device Programming features of VS.NET. Please come prepared to ask the tough questions!

May 13, 2004
10:00 – 11:00 A.M. Pacific time
1:00 – 2:00 P.M. Eastern time
17:00 – 18:00 GMT

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Smartphone files article gone live

Thanks to Geoff Schwab for the heads up. My article on working with files covering Storage Cards and File Dialogs is now up in the MSDN library.