Windows Mobile

All These New Devices

There has been a lot of activity recently on new Windows Mobile 5.0 devices, in a few cases official announcments, in some cases details leaked through common sources such as the FCC site where products sent for testing are publically detailed.

One of the interesting models to be revealed has been discussed by WallabyFan, with the original scoop at the register. The unique feature of this device is that it is the first Windows Mobile Smartphone to feature a built in GPS. The feature has previously been available on a small number of Pocket PC devices, most recently in the iPaq 65xx range.

HTC are busy with Pocket PC devices in the form of the Universal, and the Wizard – successor to the Magician (iMate JAM and equivalents), and also new Smartphone models such as the Tornado – a WiFi equipped Smartphone.

All in all it looks like a lot of exciting new devices will bring Windows Mobile 5.0 to the market place.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP