Photos Extra Share and .png

On Windows Phone 8 it is possible to register your app with the Share… extension point on the photo viewer. This allows your app to receive an image file and process it whether that is sending it to an online service or manipulating it on the device. I found recently an odd quirk with the […]

32feet.NET for Windows Phone

With the recent announcement of Windows Embedded Handheld 8 it seems fitting to discuss something related to industrial and line-of-business applications which you can develop now on the Windows Phone platform. I’ve released the first drop of 32feet.NET for Windows Phone 8 to our CodePlex site and NuGet. Because the programming model on Windows Phone […]

iCalendar Files on Windows Phone 8

iCalendar files are based on the set of data exchange specifications which also includes vCards. You may come across them either in emails or from a website. For example some sites which sell travel tickets allow you to download your itinerary in an iCalendar file. While Windows Phone has always supported vCards for contact information […]

Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1

At MWC today Nokia announced the Lumia 610 which is a lower spec device designed for emerging markets. This is running an updated Windows Phone OS which supports devices with just 256MB of RAM. To enable developers to create apps which support the new lower memory devices Microsoft are releasing an update to the Windows […]

Windows Phone Update due shortly

Microsoft have published details of a new update (7.10.8107.79) which adds a number of fixes to the Mango release. It fixes the issue where the on screen keyboard will randomly hide itself which I’ve been finding frustrating recently and also a fix for the SMS bug which could disable messaging. It also hopefully finally resolves […]