Windows Phone

Launching PDF Documents

In Windows Phone 8 the Windows.System.Launcher class allows you to open files with apps which are registered to handle them. On Windows Phone you have built in support for Office documents and audio and video formats. Lets say you want to open a PDF either remotely or downloaded by your app. There isn’t a built-in PDF viewer but there are several available including free readers by both Microsoft and Adobe. If your user doesn’t already have one installed there are some extra steps. The first thing that happens is that the user is prompted like so:-

If the user taps yes the phone will display a store search for apps which are associated with the file type:-


Not sure why Adobe Reader isn’t in this list and why it looks like the last entry is a game 🙂 but at least the top couple of entries seem like they will do the job.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP