Charming ApplicationModel

My previous couple of posts have been related to the Sharing functionality provided by the Charming libraries. This one looks at a smaller (but no less exciting) component. For Windows Phone development if you want to retrieve the app information at runtime you have to read the WMAppManifest.xml file included in the package. In Windows […]

A Trip Around Charming Share

The Charming libraries for Windows Phone are a set of (currently) six components for Windows Phone development with the mission of providing more code consistency with Windows 8. Following on from the NFC component, this post will cover its cousin the Share component. Windows Phone provides a number of classes in the Windows.ApplicationModel.DataTransfer namespace but […]

Page Header Styles

The page header is the small text you see across the top of most apps, often in all uppercase. When you create a new Windows Phone app from the default templates you’ll get something like this created in your MainPage.xaml <TextBlock Text=”MY APPLICATION” Style=”{StaticResource PhoneTextNormalStyle}” Margin=”12,0″/> The annoying thing about this is this is not […]

Deployment Parts in a Windows Phone App

My apologies in advance as this is a little bit of an obscure scenario but I thought I’d share this information in case others found it useful. Imagine if you will the following scenario. You have a dll project which can make use of other “provider” libraries. These are optional and the main dll should […]

Launching PDF Documents

In Windows Phone 8 the Windows.System.Launcher class allows you to open files with apps which are registered to handle them. On Windows Phone you have built in support for Office documents and audio and video formats. Lets say you want to open a PDF either remotely or downloaded by your app. There isn’t a built-in […]

Prototyping with Infragistics Indigo

I recently needed to create a prototype for a Windows Phone application and having recently discovered it I decided to use Indigo Studio to build it. The application is not particularly designed for Windows Phone however it has enough standard UI controls and customisations to make it easy to create phone mockups. They say a […]

Working with .png Images

In my previous post I discovered a limitation with using the Share… extension point in the Photos app. The good news is that from within your own app you can open .png files. For this you can use the PhotoChooserTask which has been available since Windows Phone 7. This presents the user with essentially the […]