Windows Phone

Prototyping with Infragistics Indigo

I recently needed to create a prototype for a Windows Phone application and having recently discovered it I decided to use Indigo Studio to build it. The application is not particularly designed for Windows Phone however it has enough standard UI controls and customisations to make it easy to create phone mockups. They say a picture says a thousand words so why not have a look at a sample I created showing a few screens of an imaginary phone application.

In posting that link I’ve just highlighted one of the great features – you can build a prototype and then share it (either on Infragistics servers or your own) via the web. The Silverlight magic then gives your clients a rich experience to understand the scope and user flow around the application. I intend to revisit this in a series of blog posts to discuss gotchas and tips for creating Windows Phone prototypes. Oh and one of the best features – it’s free!

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP