New 32feet.NET Documentation

I managed to complete one of those jobs I’d been meaning to get around to for sometime and to celebrate getting the to-do list down to triple figures I thought I’d share the good news!

Many years ago I built the documentation for 32feet.NET combined with the other libraries I had at the time:-

Pontoon – UWP APIs for multiple platforms – a kind of Uno light of its day

InTheHand.Forms – Collection of various add-ons for Xamarin Forms including the original MediaElement.

Since these are both essentially obsolete, and the 32feet documentation is now very out of date, I needed to completely refresh it. Ideally I’d have setup the magical DocFX and had the whole process automated to generate documentation on each release but, of course, perfect is the enemy of done. Instead I went back to my trusty Sandcastle Help File Builder and created a project to bring in all the current 32feet libraries (there are currently 5 with at least 1 more on the way). The latest docs should be much clearer and focus entirely on the current APIs. I’ve left the “preliminary” tag on for now and will be working through to fill in any gaps highlighted in the docs. If you have any specific bugs/suggestions please raise an issue in the GitHub project and tag it with the “documentation” topic.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP