Home Assistant Adds In-box Bluetooth Support

Yesterday’s release of Home Assistant 2022.8 adds built-in Bluetooth support. This allows multiple integrations to share common functionality and (important for non-Linux platforms) share a single Bluetooth adapter. In the release are five integrations built on top of this support, along with Apple HomeKit support for Bluetooth devices (even if you don’t have an Apple […]


New Windows Phone App

Okay, now I’ve drawn you in with a click-bait headline I need to clarify a little! For some time now Windows 10 has had a tightly integrated app called Phone Link (previously Your Phone) which allows you to interact with your phone from the desktop. However, it doesn’t cater for the 50-odd percent of users […]

Windows Phone

Bluetooth HID on Windows Phones

Microsoft have already announced that Bluetooth HID (keyboard) support is finally coming in Windows 10, but it was quietly added in Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2. The problem is this update won’t be circulated to most phones. It is however present on the new Lumia 640 series. It’s very easy to setup a Bluetooth Keyboard with […]