APPA Mundi Tasks 1.9

The latest version of our Tasks app has now hit Marketplace. This release builds on the improvements from my last blog post:-

  • We now have fixed an issue some users were encountering with synchronising Hotmail tasks in v1.8
  • We now support a wider range of Exchange Server 2003 mailboxes including those with non-standard security policies
  • Thanks to user-feedback we’ve improved the French and German text within the application
  • We’ve changed the timing of how the welcome message pops up in the trial version to avoid navigation issues
  • Based on user feedback we’ve added the option of putting undated tasks at the top or bottom of your To-Do list
  • Since version 1.7 we’ve changed the transition animations between pages to match the built-in applications (obviously this doesn’t come across in the screenshots!)

We’d like to say thanks for all the great feedback we’ve received from users. We’ll keep listening and adding to the product so keep it coming!

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP