Tasks: Coming in v1.7

This week we released the second in a couple of updates to the Tasks application. We’ve added a large number of features and improved compatibility with a wider range of servers based on user feedback. Let’s look first at compatibility – we now support Exchange 2003 and other ActiveSync 2.5 compatible servers. This includes your Hotmail To-do list! We received feedback that a lot of users still had Exchange 2003, one of the main reasons for this is that this was the last Exchange version to support a 32-bit OS and many people have 32-bit Windows Server 2003 and Small Business Server 2003 machines which they have no immediate plan to replace.

Trial Version

The next common piece of feedback was in the functionality of the Trial version. we’ve removed the restriction on the number of Tasks which the application will sync. Because the app used to synchronise the first 10 tasks these were rarely the latest and most useful tasks to have on your phone. The trial app is now limited to run for 7 days to let you evaluate the application.

New Features and Fixes

We have improved the logic behind our live tile so that it’s updates should appear in a more timely manner. When it receives an update it also uses your chosen accent colour:-


We’ve made numerous tweaks to the user interface within the application too. We also respect your theme colour throughout the application, and have added some new transition animations between pages which closely match the experience in the built-in Email and Calendar applications which Tasks is designed to complement. We’ve made category editing easier by using a picker control to easily select existing categories as well as support for adding new categories.

We’ve had support for editing Reminders on the phone in the last couple of versions but we’ve now added reminders within the application. When you launch the application it will display currently due reminders and others will pop up as they become due when you are using the application.


We’ve added support for completing recurring tasks and the application will show both the completed instance and the next task in the pattern (if applicable).

Thanks to feedback from several users we’ve also made improvements to the localised text – yes the application supports all Windows Phone languages (US English, UK English, French, German, Italian and Spanish).

We’ve also made numerous bug fixes and some performance improvements. There were some issues around sorting, specifically where several tasks had blank subjects, these are now resolved.


Exchange 2010 Synchronisation Fix

One issue we have encountered can be observed if the app shows “initializing…” and then immediately “synchronization failed” when you try to sync. This seems to be specific to Exchange 2010 and can be resolved by removing the device from your Exchange account using Outlook Web Access and then resetting synchronisation.  From OWA click Options and “See all options…” then select Phone in the left-hand list. You’ll see a list of mobile devices attached to your account. Your Windows Phone will have an entry and the Tasks application will have a separate one. To find the correct device select one and click Details. You can identify Tasks because it will show the user-agent as APPA-Mundi-Tasks/x.x.x.x where x.x.x.x is the version number.


Once you’ve identified the correct device delete it from the list, log out of OWA and from the Tasks application go to the Settings page and click Reset. The application can now setup a new sync relationship.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP