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System.Net.IrDA for the desktop

Following on from a question which cropped up on today’s MVP chat. I did some investigation into IrDA support on the desktop framework. Turns out you can’t use System.Net.IrDA.dll from .NETCF on the desktop as I had read on some blog, but since the basic Socket class supports the IrDA address family, it is necessary to build a couple of helper classes for the IrDAEndPoint and IrDAClient and IrDAListener to match the .NETCF implementation. I built these rather hastily and therefore have omitted a few overrides and non critical items. I intend to flesh this out later to fully match the .NETCF class. However the code zipped up below will give you the classes necessary to migrate your .NETCF IrDA code to the desktop. It was tested using the sample code in the .NETCF Quickstart on the subject to Discover my Pocket PC and send it a file. When I get the chance I’ll compile it into a System.Net.IrDA.dll, for now you’ll have to make do with C# source, and I didn’t really stop to write comments this evening – sorry 🙂

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By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP

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