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Online Bluetooth code updated

There were some recent enquries on the OpenNETCF Forums about the current Bluetooth code. It seems I had refreshed the website with some development code which would only work if a couple of items were commented out. This is because these classes (Sdp related) are still under development and require COM interop and are currently built against InTheHand.Interop.dll which does COM interop with no native DLL required, and is used in my PocketOutlook and ADOCE products.

So I’ve updated the code online and attached a .zip of the project below which will build successfully against the v1.2 SDF (and the compiled dll is included in the bin folder). Documentation is in the online library at

I’m working on a sample application to accompany the library, but it’s been tested with a Bluetooth GPS unit and a Jabra headset successfully (Before you ask it only uses the control functionality of the headset, not the audio stream). But you can programmatically make the headset ring and capture the event when the user presses the answer button. Not terribly exciting but an interesting start, I guess I need some more unusual Bluetooth devices to test against.

What isn’t working in this release is the ability to host a service and allow other devices to discover it, since this requires some of the ongoing Sdp work. Once this is in place you will be able to do data transfer between devices which is when the fun will really begin!

Also bear in mind this is designed to work only with devices with the Microsoft Bluetooth stack, for example HTC Phone Edition devices and most Smartphone 2003 models.


By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP

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