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System.Net.IrDA for the desktop (Part 2)

Following my previous post, I did some further development to the code to make it fully match the .NETCF assembly (yes, in my haste I’d missed a few properties and cut a couple of corners). So now I have compiled a System.Net.IrDA.dll assembly which has exactly the same classes and methods as is available in device projects. So you can easily move device code over to Tablet and laptop PCs.

Download the DLL here (zip 7kb)

The package includes just the dll and xml documentation. The next task for the project is to build an installer for both the source and binaries…

This was a useful learning experience since I’ve based the Bluetooth code on the existing model of the IrDA library, so it was useful to spend some time studying this particular library and the classes it contains.

The functionality is now part of 32feet.NET a library for personal area networking for .NET. The downloads are here:-

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP

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This is only true with the .NETCF v2.0 assembly, the same technique does not work with the System.Net.IrDA.dll from .NETCF v1.0 hence the above library was created.

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