Hosting a Native Windows Control – Live on MSDN

My latest .NETCF article is now live in the MSDN library. This is an update of the control hosting article previously published here at The process has been simplified so that there is now a standard base class (ControlEx) which does most of the hard work for you, the process of hosting a control is therefore much closer to the desktop experience. The article contains a sample using the WebBrowser control, which shows not only setting properties and calling methods for the control, but also reacting to notifications from the native control.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP

One reply on “Hosting a Native Windows Control – Live on MSDN”

hi Peter Foot:
I’ve dowloaded the sample code from your acticle "Hosting a Native Windows Control within a Microsoft® .NET Compact Framework Forms Control".
I try to make it run in my device.My device is running window ce .net device with PIE and htmlview.dll is included.

I’ve do following steps for that purpose:
1) compiled the OpenNETCF.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser.dll source for wince CE .Net device platform using 2003.
2) create new project WinceNetBrowser.exe, add Net component OpenNETCF.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser.Design.dll and put it in the dialog, copy and parse the PocketBrowser.exe source to it.

I try to connect the device to network and execute the sample application. It display successfully but did not show out the web page in the webbrowser control.
It seen the control is not working and did not display any error message. I can confim the my device PIE is working since i can online with it.Can you give some idea to me regarding this?

My questions is below:
1) Does the PocketBrowser.exe source need to be added more code to show the out web page? if yes, how i going to do that?
3) Is the sample code can be run inside the wince CE.Net device with wince IE6.0?

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