Hosting a Native Windows Control – Live on MSDN

My latest .NETCF article is now live in the MSDN library. This is an update of the control hosting article previously published here at The process has been simplified so that there is now a standard base class (ControlEx) which does most of the hard work for you, the process of hosting a control is […]

Understanding AcceptChanges and DataAdapter.Update

Bill Ryan from KnowDotNet and Devbuzz has posted an article clearly describing the issues around DataSets which arise commonly on the newsgroups and discussion forums. These include “Why does calling AcceptChanges followed by DataAdaptor.Update do nothing to the database” and “why doesn’t calling Remove on a row doesn’t remove the row from the database”. […]

All about RAPI

If you are writing a desktop application to talk to your device-side software, chances are you’ll need to work with the Remote API (RAPI). This article by Larry Roof describes RAPI and uses OpenNETCF’s Communication library to copy files, launch programs and query settings on the device.