Windows Phone

Tasks 1.81– Now with added programmability

In the latest update to the Windows Phone Tasks app I’ve added in some API features for other apps to hook into. This is facilitated by Windows Phone 8’s support for custom Uri schemes – the app supports the tasks: scheme and allows you to do a couple of useful things with it. You can use it both to launch the app and also to pre-populate the New Task dialog. This allows the user to save a new Task as they can a Calendar event or Contact from your app. Full details on the Uri scheme are maintained here:-

In addition to this and following the example of Nokia, I’ve created an API library for Windows Phone which is available now on NuGet. This simplifies the creation of a new Task by providing a SaveTodoTask which has a model which should be instantly familiar to any Windows Phone developer. I chose to name this SaveTodoTask rather than SaveTaskTask as that sounded clunky and task items are interchangeably known as to-dos as well.

This functionality follows swiftly on the heels of the 1.80 release which added a New Task optional start tile as a short-cut to this functionality. 1.81 also includes numerous bug fixes and sync improvements along with support for Lock Screen notifications.

If you have feedback for the Tasks app remember you can submit it to our Uservoice site which will help us plan future updates.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP