This Year, Next Year, Sometime…?

One of the books I read when I first got interested in computers was from the Ladybird books How It Works series. The volume covering “The Computer” was published in 1979 and, as you can imagine, features plenty of suitably dated illustrations of computers of the time. It ends with a page speculating about the future of computers and their uses which is very conservative knowing where we are now. It’s very likely that our predictions in 2023 will equally be wide of the mark in a further 40 years.

This Year, Next Year, Sometime...

The use of computers is growing year by year and their design is changing almost as quickly. What was up-to-date five years ago is out-of-date today and what is the latest thing today will be old-hat in five years' time.

From How It Works - The Computer (c) Ladybird Books Ltd 1979.

(Ironically, when I first got this book it was already old-hat according to the first paragraph of this extract.)

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP