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What’s in a BluetoothLEDevice.Name

I’ve noticed an odd behaviour when creating a BluetoothLEDevice from a found device id. I’m not doing anything special, just retrieving paired devices and then trying to access the relevant BluetoothLEDevice. In common with all Windows device searches (whether by Picker or programmatically with DeviceInformation.FindAllAsync) you receive a DeviceInformation which contains the name and unique id (an opaque device path).

If you search for paired BluetoothLEDevices the returned DeviceInformations contain the valid name and id of the device. When you use BluetoothLEDevice.FromIdAsync() you get back a working BluetoothLEDevice instance but the Name is of the form “Bluetooth nn:nn:nn:nn:nn:nn” which is slightly less than useless. It turns out that Windows isn’t suffering from Amnesia and the actual display name of the device is accessible from BluetoothLEDevice.DeviceInformation.Name. I was scratching my head for a while over the logic of this but at least now I’ve been able to put in a workaround in InTheHand.BluetoothLE 4.0.18. The BluetoothDevice.Name now shows the same name as Windows shows in the UI and so it behaves the same as the other platform implementations!

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP