Domain Name Woes

Normally when I renew a domain it goes through smoothly in plenty of time and nothing “exciting” happens. For some reason the provider decided to do something to the domain at the same time as it was being automatically renewed which has lead to go into some form of limbo for the best part of a week. I have been assured that it will be restored within 48 hours. It has been very frustrating – if it had been a server issue it would have been easy to tweak the DNS to at least point to some kind of holding page which would have restored some form of service after a few hours. As the issue was with the domain name and I had no way to fix the name server records there was nothing I could do to restore any kind of functionality. For the time being you can still access the website using one of the alternative domains – or Sorry to anyone who has tried accessing the website or email during this period. If you have emailed me and not received a response please resend and replace .com with either or .net and it’ll get through.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP