Windows Mobile

Using RemoteWipe

With Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU2.0 (Messaging & Security Feature Pack) a new feature was implemented called RemoteWipe. This allowed an administrator to remotely wipe a device if it may have got lost and was designed to remove all sensitive data from the device and return it to a fresh state. It was only with Windows Mobile 6 that the details of the implementation were added to the SDK documentation. Like most other administration and device management features RemoteWipe is implemented as a Configuration Service Provider, this allows it to be activated either via remote or local means. For example you could build a mechanism into your software where you wish to wipe the device, perhaps after an extended number of failed password entries etc. Whether you can call the CSP will depend on the particular security policy on the device, however if possible you can initiate a wipe locally with either DMProcessConfigXML or the managed ConfigurationManager e.g.

System.Xml.XmlDocument cd = new System.Xml.XmlDocument();
“<wap-provisioningdoc><characteristic type=”RemoteWipe”><parm name=”doWipe” value=”1″/></characteristic></wap-provisioningdoc>”);

System.Xml.XmlDocument xd = ConfigurationManager.ProcessConfiguration(cd, true);

Of course you use this code snippet at your own risk, if it works successfully it will wipe data from your device and return to factory fresh condition!

More details about the service provider here:-

By Peter Freeman Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP