Session Materials from Tech-Ed

I’ve posted a number of links relevant to the session I gave last week on our Tech-Ed page here. This includes the sample code which is an additional selection of samples than those which appear in the 32feet.NET package itself. The session covered the latest v2.3 release of the library and development continues on the next version based on your feedback.

One of the items of feedback I got for the session was the confusion between Personal Area Networking as a concept and the Bluetooth PAN Profile (Which supports Network Access Point, Group Networking and PAN User). Windows Mobile supports a limited subset of this profile to support the Internet Sharing application which was added in Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU3 but is often documented as a new feature in Windows Mobile 6. There is no exposed API to programmatically interact with the BT PAN profile, however there is an API for Internet Sharing which can be used to start/stop a sharing connection. I’m investigating the best way to add this to a future version of the library.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP