Tech Ed Developers 2007 EMEA for Mobile and Embedded Developers

In November Microsoft will be hosting the twin conferences of Tech Ed Developers and Tech Ed IT Forum in Barcelona. Tech Ed Developers runs the week of 5th to 9th and covers 14 different tracks, one of which is Mobile & Embedded. This will cover the latest versions of all of Microsoft’s Mobile & Embedded products from the .NET Micro Framework through to Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded CE and Robotics studio, and of course the .NET Compact Framework.

This year I’ll be delivering a session on networking technologies available to Windows Mobile developers. This will cover a broad spectrum from personal area networking (Bluetooth and IrDA) through to cellular network specific (SMS, GPRS etc) and internet standards (FTP, HTTP etc). We will look at which technologies are appropriate for which scenarios, the relative costs and how to implement them. It’s going to be an interactive session and will include plenty of code snippets and an interactive demo or two.

My co-authors Andy Wigley and Daniel Moth will also be delivering sessions in the Mobile & Embedded track and we plan to get together for a book signing during the event. Registration for the conference is available with a €300 off the full price until 28th September.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP