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More POOM Anomalies

Every version of POOM (Pocket Outlook Object Model) brings great improvements, however there are always a few things which just have you screaming “Why!”. One of those examples is the implementation of IItem::Edit. This method is used to open an item in edit mode, and is implemented on Windows Mobile 5.0 and above, with the exception of Appointments on Smartphone (Standard) devices. This makes no sense because otherwise the Appointment item follows the same pattern as the other item types. A dialog is implemented on the Smartphone/Standard platform and this has a perfectly usable edit screen – why this wasn’t implemented in the API beggars belief. Below is a table of supported configurations for the various display methods:-

Method WM 5.0 Pocket PC WM 5.0 Smartphone WM 6 Professional WM 6 Standard
IAppointment::Display() Yes No Yes No
IContact::Display() Yes No Yes No
ITask::Display() Yes No Yes No
IItem::Display() (Appointment) Yes Yes Yes Yes
IItem::Display() (Contact) Yes Yes Yes Yes
IItem::Display() (Task) Yes Yes Yes Yes
IItem::Edit() (Appointment) Yes No Yes No
IItem::Edit() (Contact) Yes Yes Yes Yes
IItem::Edit() (Task) Yes No* Yes Yes


*WM5.0 Smartphone Tasks application doesn’t support editing

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP