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I’m now a member of the CodePlex workspace for the Facebook Developer Toolkit. I’ve been working on porting across my modifications into the codebase. The .NETCF v2.0 version uses a project called Facebook.Compact but refers to the existing source files from the desktop project. Then some conditional compilation is used to hide a few unsupported features from .NETCF and implement some workarounds for missing functionality. This will be a familiar technique if you’ve been to Daniel‘s sessions (or read his blog posts on the subject). It’s not quite working yet since my code made use of a couple of my own libraries for speed, so I’ll need to implement a few of the features within those in the Facebook.Compact project.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP

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sounds cool that other people are also starting to use api’s from web applications. i was about to implement or rather port existing .net facebook library myself. i have api code for, openomy and voo2do. drop me a line if interested.

Thanks guys for the offers. The latest builds on codeplex (see link above) have the necessary changes and build and run. There is also a very bare-bones sample application.


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