Microsoft Mobile Development Handbook at DevDays 2007

Rob Miles, a fellow MVP who wrote one of the chapters for our book has grabbed a copy at DevDays in Amsterdam, you can see a picture of him proudly clutching the book in his latest blog post. In case you need any further encouragement to purchase the book beyond the 600+ pages of technical stuff, you’ll notice from Rob’s picture that carrying the book is also great for attracting a posse of female admirers 🙂

I travelled home yesterday to pick up my first copy of the book, it’s such a great feeling seeing the finished book after all this time. This was actually the first opportunity I got to read Rob’s chapter properly. As a guru of graphics and games development it’s no surprise that Rob does a great job of explaining Direct 3D Mobile.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP

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With anticipation I waited for this book to be released in Australia. Now I have my own copy. Great book, sounds sad but I was literally hugging mine when I got it 2 weeks ago.

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