Review: Making Embedded Systems (Elecia White)

This title takes a traditional software programmer into the world of embedded system. It covers the process of designing and implementing an embedded system from a sketch through to optimising performance and power consumption. As an interesting addition, at the end of each chapter, there is a potential interview question for an embedded developer position. […]

New Book on .NETCF 3.5 Development

Despite Windows Phone 7 Development being all-the-rage at the moment I was recently informed of a new book on .NET Compact Framework development. I’ll be reviewing it shortly, in the mean time you can check out the details (including a free chapter download):- .NET Compact Framework Data Driven Applications

.NET Micro Framework Book on special offer

Rob Miles has just blogged that his book “Embedded Programming with the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework” is currently on special offer at Computer Manuals through the MSDN Flash email newsletter. So if you have a wobbly table, or a door you want to prop open now is the time to buy (just kidding) 🙂 For […]

Practical .NET 2.0 Networking Projects

Fellow MVP Wei-Meng Lee has finished a book on building applications with a range of networking technologies using .NET, both on the desktop and on devices. This covers the fundamentals of Sockets and Serial programming and contains a number of interesting projects incorporating webcams, fingerprint readers, RFID and GPS receivers. The section on Infrared programming shows how […]