Bluetooth RSSI

By chance I was looking through the Windows CE 6.0 documentation and cam across a new Bluetooth method – BthReadRSSI. My interest was heightened when reading the Requirements section. Apparently the method is supported on Windows Mobile 5.0 as well as CE 6.0. Without further ado I added the P/Invoke definition to the 32feet source and did some quick tests on my iMate JasJar. The method was present, however it returned the error code 0x00000490 which according to the error lookup tool represents “Element not found”. So thats where I leave it for now, but I’d be interested to hear from you if you have another device or a Bluetooth equipped CE 6.0 device. You can download the latest 32feet source from the GitHub project which has this functionality – see the BluetoothDeviceInfo.Rssi property.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP