5 Things

Daniel tagged me a couple of days ago and finally I’ve got round to posting. I’ve been enjoying some quality offline time over the Christmas break.

  1. I’m in the process of writing a .NET book with Daniel and fellow MVP Andy.

  2. I’m double jointed and can put my legs behind my head, but I’m getting a little rusty in my old age.

  3. While trying to buy a practical car I was let down twice by a dealership, so I went elsewhere and got myself a much more impractical 2 seat convertible and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. Before studying Computer Science I briefly entered the world of bricks and mortar training as an architect.

  5. I enjoy travelling to new places, this year I spent a month in Australia, somewhere I’d definitely like to revisit.

And finally to tag 5 new victims bloggers – Bill, Dave, Rob, João Paulo and John

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP