Bluetooth Audio in Vista

The Bluetooth functionality (and related APIs) are fundamentally unchanged between XP and Vista, however additional profile support has been added for Audio devices. Based on testing with the RC2 build Vista now supports:-



  • Handsfree
  • Headset
  • A2DP (Wireless Stereo)


When Vista detects a new audio device it doesn’t automatically install support for the audio services, but it does recognise hands free devices based on their Class-of-Device:-



If you select the device properties, and view the Services tag you can see and select the supported audio profiles and when you apply the settings a new Audio device will be installed.



You can set these programmatically using 32feet.NET with the BluetoothDeviceInfo.SetServiceState method passing in either BluetoothService.Headset or Handsfree. The audio device appears in the Sounds control panel applet, but doesn’t override the default system audio. You are unlikely to want to do this with a headset anyway, although it’s more likely you’ll want to do this with stereo headphones. You can however select this audio device to use with audio conferencing software such as Skype or Windows Messenger or with Vista’s speech recognition.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP

One reply on “Bluetooth Audio in Vista”

When I try to use the bluetooth headset w/ Vista rc2 .. I am having a few issues..
I can here perfect.. but when I try to use the speech it does not get anything I am saying..It works almost perfect.. with a wired mic..
If I record my voice by calling the skype mic test.. I here a constant clicking about once a second.. I am hoping some will know how to fix this issue.. or if they are not having this issue what are you using for a headset.. or drivers/bluetooth stick..? built in or usb..?

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