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32feet.NET Reaches v2.0 Milestone

Although it took a lot longer than I originally anticipated I’ve finally put the finishing touches to v2.0 of the 32feet.NET library. v2.0 is a major re-write of the code so that the single codebase can be built into separate dlls for desktop or device. This was primarily to get around the bug in the desktop VB.NET compiler which couldn’t cope with redirecting the device System.dll reference to the desktop equivalent. It has had the pleasant side-effect of making the footprint much smaller. The 4 previous dlls are now merged into the single InTheHand.Net.Personal.dll which range from 91kb for the .NETCF v1.0 version to 76kb for the desktop v2.0 version.

You can download the installer which includes the library, documentation and samples from the 32feet website. This release is the first release version to have the full source code available since the project was hosted at CodePlex. You can also use the CodePlex site to download other builds of the code and post bugs/feature requests. If you want to get involved in the project drop me a mail, or join the discussions on the 32feet site.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP

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