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Developer Developer Developer Day Session

The agenda for DDD Day II has now been published and for some crazy reason folks voted for my Bluetooth with .NET session 🙂 I’ll be covering both the Bluetooth and Object Exchange components of the 32feet.NET suite, I wont touch on the IrDA part, but the code would be almost exactly the same. We’ll walk through discovery, client and server connections and sending/receiving objects, hopefully with some audience participation.

It’s a great priviledge to be selected along with such a great selection of excellent speakers so I have a lot to live up to! I now have to attempt to make my demonstration application absolutely bullet proof since it inexplicably failed when I gave a short session at the MVP Summit. But it wasn’t my code at fault honestly, it worked fine during lunch afterwards (I had several witnesses), obviously a result of the the sinister EM radiation around the Redmond campus… 🙂


By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP