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Today I gave a session at Slide5 on the latest version of the Bluetooth library – v1.4. Key changes for this release were some bug fixes to the samples, increased functionality for the desktop side (ability to bond devices) and service discovery (as yet XP only). I’ve also tidied up some of the code, in order to have just a single place to determine the platform at runtime. I’ll post a version of the OBEX demo I did shortly, but I’ll build it as a VS2003 project (the app used for the session demo was built with VS2005 Beta 2)


By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP

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Im trying to learn the API and was wondering if there are some code walkthroughs or tutorials? Also, all of the samples seem to be using their own Guid and sending text over a stream. Is it possible to connect devices using other standard protocols (for example a listener on a phone that waits for HeadsetAudioGateway connections, and a PC based client that then connects to that end point…)? Keep up the good work!

Hi peter. So much for the OpenNet name..However, the code you posted is relying on a blackbox DLL. Do you have a C/C++ code that really shows the true meat? I really need to manipulate bluetooth using WSAxxx APIs and those that are in bluetoothapis.h header.

I will be continuing to read your page through the course of my Bluetooth adventures. Nevertheless, i have learn important info from your page. Thanks Peter.

Hi, all the source for the library (C#) is installed with it – Check your start menu Programs > > Bluetooth.NET > Bluetooth.NET Source
This will open up the solution in Visual Studio.
Alternatively look in the install folder – C:Program FilesOpenNETCF.orgBluetooth.NETSource by default – everything used to build the dll is there.


Hi Peter,

I’m trying to figure out how to detect the status of bluetooth, enabled, disabled, discoverable.

I’m using 1.4 with vs2003, Could you give me a quick example?


Hi Peter

This code looks promising for some experimenting I’m doing. Is there a version that will install on a .Net framework 2.0 base? I recently upgraded, so the installer won’t work for me.


Im working on a bluetooth remote control project using visual studio 2005 on xp and a hp ipaq pocket pc. I’d like to build my own library for the bluetooth connectivity. Would be great if u could help me find a library with the source code available so that i can play around with the dlls. i have the library from 32feet and opennetcf but im not sure if 32feet is opensource and im not able to find the source in opennetcf.
Thank You
PS i tried ur opennetcf installer. it wont install with my version of visual studio.

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