Interesting Bluetooth Project

One of our forum members posted about an open source social networking project which uses the Bluetooth.NET library. The project is created by Software Greenhouse which is a joint venture between Microsoft India and Cynapse.

Their initial prototype release and source code can be downloaded by registering at the Software Greenhouse site. The software will allow users of Windows Mobile devices to compare user profiles to look for shared interests and chat with other users. This is an interesting use of the technology and it will be interesting to see how the project evolves. Have you used the Bluetooth library in any projects? if so please leave a comment.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP

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Thanks for this post, Peter, we’ve been getting a lot of new users from your site.

We love to see participation from users who are active on the community and general appreciation for the project is also increasing.

Additionally, we’re looking to increase the platform support for the Bluejab project such that it is not restricted to the Microsoft Bluetooth stack but also moves to support the other popular stacks out there so that even more users can use our Bluejab project.

Thanks again,

Excuse me
I´m a newbie and no well english spoken.
How can I install openNETCF libraries on a xdaii.
if you consider no to answer this, can you put some links to help.

Will it function like some sort of upgrade of the microsoft bluetooth stack?

Thank you

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