Building the Latest SDF v1.3 Source

We get a lot of requests asking for the very latest code for the SDF since tons of exciting stuff has been added (and many issues resolved) since our v1.2 release last year specifically from users starting to work with the VS2005 betas and community previews and would like to use the SDF with these new tools. Firstly just a reminder that the SourceBrowser no longer contains a current record of the source code, which is now maintained in the Vault (Username: guest, Password: guest). From the vault you can see all the latest source files as they are checked in.

If you need a build which you can use with VS2005 Beta you can download from:-

And now the big disclaimer on this build, it’s not a final v1.3 release, it’s not signed with a key pair and so cannot be installed in the GAC on devices, there is no installer, no help content. This should not be used for release purposes (just like VS2005 itself of course) and we offer no support for this build.

Update: v1.3 is now released, see this post for instructions for using the v1.3 release version in VS2005.

Please remember if you have any product requests, bug reports etc whether you are using the current tools or VS2005 please post them to our new bug submission page, we are grateful for any feedback to help us make v1.3 our best release yet.

By Peter Foot

Microsoft Windows Development MVP