Developing with Virtual Earth

Now that the hype has died down on Virtual Earth it is interesting to see what developers are doing with the product even though it doesn’t expose any kind of developer API. The best place to start is at Dr Neil’s site Via Virtual Earth. There are a few articles here showing how to pull […]

Building the Latest SDF v1.3 Source

We get a lot of requests asking for the very latest code for the SDF since tons of exciting stuff has been added (and many issues resolved) since our v1.2 release last year specifically from users starting to work with the VS2005 betas and community previews and would like to use the SDF with these […]

New Visual Studio 2005 edition announced

One of the stumbling blocks to getting into .NETCF development today is that the only supported tool for development is Visual Studio 2003 Professional or higher. Microsoft announced today at VSLive a new addition to the Visual Studio family in the 2005 version – Visual Studio Standard Edition. This will be a significantly cheaper version […]

New tool for Visual Studio help integration

Creating help files which seamlessly integrate with Visual Studio 2003 is a pain. Microsoft have released a Help Integration Wizard (Beta). This is designed to walk through the process of creating a setup which will integrate a HTML Help 2.0 file with Visual Studio. Currently to integrate your own help you either have to get […]