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Networking In The Hand

Networking In The Hand (InTheHand.Net.dll) is a class library which adds missing networking functionality into the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and 3.5.

This functionality includes:-

  • FtpWebRequest / FtpWebResponse for ftp:// Urls
  • FileWebRequest / FileWebResponse for file:// Urls
  • WebClient class for simplifying upload and download of data through Http, Ftp and File protocols and any other WebRequest plugins.
  • Send plain text email through a SMTP server.
  • Enumerate and Dial Remote Access (RAS) connections.
  • Attach to windows network shares to access mapped folders.
  • Query a wide range of global and adapter specific network statistics to measure traffic.
  • Ping component to determine network connectivity.
  • Display an AuthenticationDialog to retrieve username/password information from the user.
  • InTheHand.Web.HttpUtility - Encode and Decode strings to Url and Html encoding.

Networking In The Hand is part of the Mobile In The Hand 4.1 Suite of libraries. Alongside new features including SMTP mail and asynchronous support, other libraries in the suite have gained networking support - there are now networking related methods in our Visual Basic My language extensions. Find out more about Mobile In The Hand.

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